How to remain positive😊?

Can you name a person who remains positive despite having lot of setbacks in his life? No. You can’t.

If someone says, yes I am always positive. No doubt, he is lying.

Remember Newton’s third law of motion. Similar to that, every action is associated with some sorts of energy ; an energy and an opposite of that. May be we could draw a line between these two to delineate them as positive and not so positive.

Don’t you dare say that you only have positive thoughts in your mind. Because even while thinking about not so positive thoughts you are actually thinking one. Don’t feel ashamed. It’s quite natural. We are all humans after all. Our genes are programmed in that way. No one escapes from this basic human behaviour. Only thing we can do is to silence those energy or emotions. (Ya! emotions, that is a right word for manifestation of our energy.)

There are multiple ways to perceive things happening around us. Remember the story of a professor who gave a surprise test to his students. He distributed a blank white paper and asked the students to write about what they saw on the paper. Many students wrote about the tiny black spots they saw in the paper and some about shape of the paper, also its wrinkled nature at some place. But no one wrote about the whiteness of the paper which the professor had expected. Professor explained to them that it is the perception of things that really matters. Not the actual thing. He asked them to see things with more focus and with more positivity. He want to show them that, a lot of things around them will change when they start perceiving those things more positively.

So to answer my title what my opinion is we do have not so positive thoughts and emotions . (Ya! thoughts, another word for the manifestation of our energy). Only thing we can do is suppress those and allow positive thoughts to dominate over us. Writing is a method I am using to fill my mind with good thoughts. What’s your’s? Think about it. Find a way to remain positive while suppressing your cynical thoughts.

Importance of keeping a positive mind is … Only a positive mind can generate positive actions which lead to positive thoughts in others.

Am I correct? Hope this is a positive thought.

Let us…

Think positively, Act positively, Spill our positivity around…


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