“Do you know what Rumi said about love?

Shekhar was standing near a pond when he asked her this question, looking directly at her face. The pond was full of vegetation. It’s surface was hardly visible. A bed of water lillies blossomed among the vegetation , gave everyone’s vision something to cheer. The background was so apt that anyone’s mind will get filled with poetry.

Shekhar knew that he was not the first one to fell in love with a close friend. The real problem he facing now is, he didn’t know how to express his feelings towards her . He was afraid that it may languish their friendship. So he tried to unveil her mind using different techniques. (… Don’t pity him… Only lovers knew this situation.)

Gayathri was an ambitious girl. She found a discerning friend in Shekhar. That is why she came here when he asked to meet him in urgency. She thought it would be to discuss something about their studies.

But Rumi! ..

Unfortunately, only thing she knew about Rumi was that, some quotes Shekhar had shared with her through watsapp.

She replied to him without any enthusiasm.

“Yah.. Rumi……. I heard somewhere… But I don’t remember exactly. You say? You are the one who follows Rumi ardently.”

Shekhar was hurted by the tediousness in her words. But what to say?.. He was in another mood.

He keep on looking into her eyes. And he started reciting these lines…

“Your task is not to seek for love,

but merely to seek and find all the

barriers within yourself that you have

built against it.”

It didn’t sparkled her eyes by any means. Shekhar failed to recognize that she was actually not fully listening to him.

Shekhar closed eyes because he didn’t want a picture of her, walking away from him in his mind.

Times and days passed.. Lot things happened in between and….

Then…. …

One day Shekhar realized…

(Not a sudden one.)

Once you start loving someone, nothing else matters. Everything seems to play according to your notes. But actually, it was you who is being played by emotions. When you realize it, by that time, you will get drowned into a disaster. —

It may brake everything…

It creates a gaping wound in your mind..


You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

— Rumi.


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